Couples Coaching

Coaching for Couples: Intimacy Recharge

Queer Wisdom for the Straight Sex Life with Barb and Barbara

In the process of raising children and/or caring for elders, have your passion and your sex life been left behind?

Are you disappointed in the quality of touch, communication, or frequency of your physical connection?

Do you find it harder to manage differences between the two of you in terms of schedule, desires, responsiveness, or energy levels?

Are you experiencing emotional and/or physical repercussions of mid life?

Are you wanting an easier and/or more creative sexual connection with one another?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

Queer Wisdom for the Straight Sex Life may be for you.

What We Offer:

  • Erotic power coaching
  • Sexual listening
  • Integration of body and spirit
  • Creating safe and sacred space for exploration
  • Managing fear and identifying limits through communication
  • Intimacy expansion
  • Celebrating gender as a toy for playfulness
  • Use of sexuality as spiritual expression and practice

How we work:

  • Initial listening and assessment
  • Develop plan of action together
  • Meet in your own home usually
  • Initial coaching session may be 2-3 hours
  • Talk about what you want to be different
  • Use exercises to improve verbal and physical communication
  • Give homework
  • Short term
  • Offer referrals to other experts if indicated
  • Not a replacement for couples therapy or mediation

Barb and Barbara coach you directly. 

We work in the San Francisco Bay area.