Coaching for Individuals with Barbara

Imagine, for just a minute, what your life might be like if you were able to take the lid off your desires.  What if you were to unleash your erotic* energy and allow yourself to experience ALL of your life from a place of passion and love.  What if you were willing to "show off" all your gifts and talents?   NO HOLDING BACK!

What is it that keeps YOU from expressing all of who you are in your bodies, your relationships, your business?  What causes YOU to keep a lid on, or even shut down, your passion, your creativity, your power, your desires and dreams?


  • "Be good"
    • "Don't show off"
      • "You'd be so pretty, if only...."
        • "You look like a slut in that outfit"
          • "Behave yourself"
            • "What will the boys think?"
              • "Cover yourself up"
                • "You'll never find a man if you don't lose weight"
                  • "Don't touch yourself that way"

Do any of these messages sound familiar to you?  You may also have heard others you would like to add to the list. Many of us carry in our bodies old messages that tell us to limit ourselves, to "cover up" our beauty and our desires.  And we act out those stories by containing the erotic power that lives within us.

Our lives, our businesses, our relationships are less than we want them to be.  We feel shame about our bodies and our desires.

In my one on one coaching with women, we uncover the stories and messages that keep passion contained.  Through discussion and embodied practices, we release old, negative messages about our bodies and our sexuality. We reprogram the body to hold a new story and to be able to receive pleasure and abundance in all areas of our lives. Gestalt exercises, body image work, intentional touch, breath work and other body focused practices are some of the tools we use to help release old stories about our bodies and sexuality and reprogram the body to receive more abundance and pleasure in all areas of life.  We work in person for concentrated session(s) and do additional work together by phone.

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Complimentary coaching session with Barbara


Spirit. Body Self Love. Sex.


Do you struggle with loving your body, exactly as it is right now? Do old negative messages about sex sometimes pop up at inconvenient times? Do you wish that you felt Spirit alive in you every day?

A coaching session with Barbara comes with unconditional acceptance, competence, and joy.   Try it!   Barbara has two hours a week set aside for complimentary sessions.  

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