Dare to Recieve: Body focused learning for women

Why is it such a challenge for many women to Receive – whether Affection, Pleasure, Love or Wealth? One crucial part of the answer lies within our body, which we have learned to distrust and guard fiercely.

In Dare to Receive, Barbara has partnered with Isa Magdalena to invite you to Welcome and use your Libido, your own LIFE FORCE for your inner and outer enrichment.

We have created a unique opportunity for women to dive into the experience of Receiving and we invite you to read on to see if Dare to Receive might be right for you.

DareImage5DARE TO RECEIVE: A two day workshop for women


January 28 and 29, 2011

  • Are you comfortable with your body, exactly as it is right now?
  • Are you using ALL your power sources, including your EROTIC* power, to accelerate your success, pleasure and creativity?
  • Are you able to let your life force fuel your heart, voice and intuition?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then this workshop may be for you.

What do YOU Dare to Receive?

The Dare to Receive experience invites us into the often unexplored realm of our being: our body...our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical body.

Libido (life force) is a force that enables our entire being to open up and give and receive pleasure, love, delight. But many of us have learned to distrust this very force, causing us to close down / withdraw / limit our capacity and willingness to feeling connected and supported by 'life' and people around us.

In this two day workshop, we will

  • uncover some of the barriers to accessing all of our power sources, especially the power that lives in our survival, sexual/creative and power chakras.
  • revisit the word "erotic" and begin to reclaim its true meaning.
  • identify Body Stories™ that no longer serve us, focusing especially on breaking contracts that have prohibited us from full erotic expression
  • develop specific practices we can take home to remind us of the juicy and expansive power that we can call upon within our own bodies and spirits.

For more information, and to schedule a free 20 minute exploratory session with Barbara, please call 415-601-4732 or email her at Barbara@barbandbarbara.com

*What is "erotic"? Read this description by Audre Lorde (1989)

The very word erotic comes from the Greek word eros, the personification of love in all its aspects - born of Chaos, and personifying creative power and harmony. When I speak of the erotic, then, I speak of it as an assertion of the lifeforce of women; of that creative energy empowered, the knowledge and use of which we are now reclaiming in our language, our history, our dancing, our work, our lives.

Would you like to sample Dare to Receive?? 

Listen HERE to Isa and Barbara's tele-seminar

Isa Magdalena and Barbara Buckley feel greatly inspired by each other’s work and are excited to be partnering to offer this unique experience for women.


Isa Magdalena is a Certified Somatic Educator. She has been teaching and coaching individuals, couples and groups since the mid 90s. She weaves her body based, erotic path with her mystical, spiritual path to create a holistic approach to body language and touch.

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Barbara Buckley

is a Body Story Expert™, level 2 Reiki practitioner, and erotic spirituality coach.· Her background in counseling in health care and facilitating body/spirit workshops for women has given her rich experience and a firm foundation for leading this exciting work.

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