Meet Barb & Barbara

On "being Appropriate"

BARBARA BUCKLEY is a counselor, healer, and a juicy, adventurous, crone who has embraced the power of erotic spirituality in her own life, body, and business.

Having finally shed her own prohibition about "showing off", Barbara now helps other women "show off" their gifts, passion, purpose and power.

Barbara helps women with the energy drain that comes from negative mind chatter about body image and sexuality. In their work with Barbara, women let go of sexual shame and are able to receive more pleasure and plenty in their bodies, lives, and businesses. They release negative body stories and free up more power and energy for work, play, love, family, creativity and passion!


This is what Barbara says about herself:

I bring to this work a great passion for supporting women in creating compassionate, celebratory relationships with their own bodies. I also help women use that friendship with their bodies as a source for creativity, power and passion in all areas of their lives. As a Body Story Expert, I help people identify, uncover, and release old body stories that get in the way of full aliveness. Frequently these are stories layered with shame, confusion and or anger. In our work together, either individually or in workshops or retreats, I will be supporting you in breaking the contracts that live in these old stories so that you will have more freedom to receive and to express your full aliveness.


I spent a lot of years in my life at war with my body. I also learned early in life to "be good," and though I didn't always know exactly what that meant, the result was a little girl, and later a young woman, who lived very carefully, being sure not to offend, or show off, or generally be very visible. I was successful in my career as a counselor in health care but I wasn't living anywhere near my full capacity and I wasn't having much fun. It took me till mid life to discover all of who I am, and to be willing to express myself fully: my sexiness, power, creativity, joy, leadership, playfulness. And equally long to come to be able to love and celebrate my body absolutely, exactly as it is at this very moment.


My evolving relationship with my body has been central to own process of "coming out" as the juicy, adventurous crone who I am! For many years I counseled women with cancer, who often felt like their body had betrayed them. I also did personal work on finding my own spiritual path and in healing my relationship with sexuality. Part of my process led me to The Missing Thread Mystery School for Entrepreneurs, where I studied with Dr. Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree in a year long certification program to become a Body Story Expert. The tools and gifts I have learned in this process are at the heart of what I bring to you.

BARB HARGRAVE expresses her spirituality in community as a shaman and healer. She is deeply connected to her body and spirit and lives out loud her commitment to erotic spirituality. She has been surprised to find herself an active member of Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco and even more surprised to be welcomed to the pulpit there on several occasions. Drawing from many sources as a ritualist, she easily creates safe and sacred space with individuals and groups.


Barb received an MA in Communications in 1985 and appreciates the power of the unspoken, intuition and feeling in companionship with words. Her goal in coaching is the expansion of intimate relationship -- self relationship with one's own body and one's own spirit as the foundation of intimacy among couples. Various mixtures of gender expression, sexual orientation, cultural norms and lifestyle agreements among partners are respected and welcomed in her practice.

Barb is most passionate about creating intimacy and freedom in relationship.

The world of Barb & Barbara


Barbara and Barb live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are one of the 16,000 legally married same sex couples in the state of California today.  They bring the wisdom and passion of their life experiences, including mid life “opportunities” such as menopause, and official crone status.  Each is a healer and ritualist individually and together.  Both have a deep connection to the sacred, without defining sacred for themselves or others.