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"Shame on you"

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Shame on you!  *a phrase scolding someone for being naughty

Is that something you remember hearing from your childhood? 
I certainly do. 
Sometimes is was for something I did that seemed serious, but often it was a phrase that was meant to make me feel bad about some minor infraction, or a youthful exuberance gone bad.   If the phrase went in and didn't stick, not such a big deal.  But unfortunately, sometimes those experiences of being shamed take hold and a deep sense of unworthiness begins to live in our bodies and spirit....
and then shame begins to build.
shame(sh m) n. 1. a. A painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace

Shame can hold us back in so many, many ways. In our bodies, our lives, our work, our relationships. Hiding. Avoiding.

Covering up. Playing small.

Luckily, many people are beginning to talk about this publically, and I am too!

I am on a mission to transform the ways people experience shame in their lives.

I'm excited to be on a telesummit call today (April 30th) at 5 PM pacific, talking about ENDING SHAME.  And while I doubt that we can end all shame today, I certainly think we can put a dent in it!  Join me if you can (or sign up and listen to the recording later) and let's change shame together. 

On the phone!

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