"Working with Barbara changed everything. For 30 years I hated my body. It was a major source of negative energy and at times I felt that I'd cut myself off at the neck if I could. In just a couple of hours of work, Barbara helped me form a completely new relationship with my body. I felt at home in my skin, and I accepted myself in my entirety. I can't tell you the freedom I have enjoyed since then. She uncovered the hidden beliefs that I had about myself, and helped me release them so that I could fall in love with myself...finally. This has translated to an amazing increase in my self confidence, a more open relationship with my spouse, and an energy that just seems to be flowing from me to others as I walk into a room. She even helped me create strategies that I could use should my old beliefs come creeping back in. I could never in a million years express my gratitude to Barbara for helping me finally make this much needed shift."

Stephanie Tuss, Wisconsin

"I chose to work with Barbara after seeing fabulous results in a friend who had a session with her. My friend has always been lovely, but, after her time with Barbara, she was breathtakingly beautiful and HOT! She said that Barbara helped her accept parts of her body she had really disliked. I wanted some of that!

I have struggled with feeling ashamed of my body most of my life. These feelings persisted even after years of various therapies. Barbara helped me bridge a relationship with my body and step into my sexuality at a deeper level. She illuminated blind spots, encouraged me with unconditional acceptance, and challenged me to take accountability for my own experience. As a result of my time with Barbara, I am now practicing kindness to myself and taking responsibility for the way I treat myself-- Priceless!

Barbara has many skills in her tool bag, and a magnificently beautiful heart to go with it."

Lynnet McKenzie

Thanks for your time and expertise. I felt lighter throughout the day. Breaking down that wall was a very useful vision!

I've certainly been touched by the quality of the energy and aliveness that moves through you,
Liza, Novato

I feel the session with Barbara was very valuable in assisting me in my quest to completely heal a primary childhood trauma that occurred between my father and I. This particular trauma was very powerful in that it affected me deeply emotionally and mentally and I also feel has been playing out in my life physically and sexually as well.

There were many things about the way that Barbara worked with me that I felt were very valuable and effective.  I felt that while she had a focus, she was also very fluid in being able to accommodate my need at times to direct the process. She was patient and I felt heard.  She was also active and assertive in encouraging me to use and demonstrate techniques that would shift the vibrational resonance of the experience I was having.

I would highly recommend Barbara for this type of work.

Susan, San Francisco

I was beaming when we hung up the phone, & I think it's because of how well you listened & witnessed for me. 


Since we talked, I have experienced progress - I've been very open with my body with only feelings of curiosity & love. It's like you allowed me to let go of the story that I feel ashamed or guilty or self-conscious about my sexuality.  & in its place, I started seeing myself as more self-aware & sensual than I was giving myself credit for.  So really, I think I received the permission I needed to know what I know & move forward. 

It was a joy to be listened to by you! & the way you explained the body story concept, I started to really get how our body holds tension & how we can work toward re-training. 


JK, Arkansas